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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

whoever you are, Thank You!

When I was 10, my cousin Doreen and Roger, her boyfriend (now hubby), used to take me swimming at Buona Vista Swimming Complex. Roger taught me how to swim the breast stroke.

Once, thinking I was very good, I swam in the deep end. Before I could reach the other side of the pool, I felt my arms too tired to continue and began to sink. I panic and began drinking lots of chlorine water and struggling for life. I thought I was going to drown. Suddenly, i felt someone lifted me up and pulled me to the side of the pool. It was a man but I couldn't really see his face with all those water dripping over my eyes. He warned me not to swim without supervision and then waded away, while I was still in a little shock. It was all a blur...I didn't even have a closer look at my life savior or thank him!

Never ever leave your children unsupervised in the pool. Will tell you another story next time about how fat boy nearly drown.