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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dogs Attacks!

There was a newspaper article today about how 2 guys were being attacked by the same 2 Rottweilers on 2 separate occasions and the dogs' owner was fined for that. I was chased by dogs twice before and I recalled my heart pounding like crazy and my legs felt like jelly. On both incidents, I was really lucky to have escaped harmless.

Scene one:
My girlfriend and i usually went for our nightly walk after dinner in the neighbourhood. My real reason was to accompany her. Her reason was to help her food digest better and not put on more weight. But the truth was she really like this guy that lived at a corner bungalow on our street. Any chance of a glimpse of him was the idea behind the walk. We strolled so many times passed his house every night, giggling whenever we spotted him. Yes, we were silly teenagers then.

One night while doing our silly stroll, we turned a corner to another street. Just at that moment, a neighbour had just returned home by car and his porch gate was opened. His 2 fearsome Dobermans strutted onto the sidewalk outside and spotted us. They stood very still staring at us. We too, stood very still staring back. The dogs were like 10m away from us. Both of us tried to back away very very slowly but too late, after 2 seconds, they decided to attack! We screamed and started hugging each other and running on the spot at the same time. Like in one of the 3 stooges scene where they tried to escape but bumped into each other instead. Fortunately for us, the dogs were very obedient. Their owner shouted at them and they stopped in their tracks almost immediately. We fled after that. We were terrified but not enough to be back again the next evening spying on our corner bungalow guy again!

Scene 2:
My granny needed something from the grocer one afternoon and sent me to buy it. It was a 10 mins walk from the main road and I had to walk around a factory to get to the main road. The factory had 2 gates. One facing the street where I was walking from and another facing the main road. Usually only the gate facing the main road was opened.

That day, both gates were wide opened. Walking straight through the 2 gates would be a quicker way. It was a really hot scorching day as I recalled and any kind of short cut sounded good to me. Half way walking into the factory's compound, I heard growling behind me. I turned to see a dozen growling and barking pariah dogs moving towards me. Needless to say, I had trespassed onto their territory and they didn't like me at all. I ran as fast as my legs could carry and twice I felt their teeth brushing against my butts missing their bites. I screamed and panted and cried. Lucky for me, as I ran out of the other gate, an old lady saw my plight, scolded the dogs and started waving her umbrella at the dogs. Somehow that turned the dogs back to the factory and I was saved once again.

I can't imagined what would have happened to me if that old lady wasn't there for me or if I was not a fast running teenager.