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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Problemo

I have a problem. I enjoy the solace of not being disturbed when i'm in the shower. Sometimes, I bring my laptop or music player in with me to play my favourite tunes. I take my time to wash my hair and spent half the time just standing under the shower enjoying the warm water running down my back. And I often forgot that water is too precious to waste like that. Then i'll think of things to blog and how i would phrase my words.

But once I leave the bathroom, I'ld forget about blogging and thus hasn't been doing so for quite sometimes. And by the time I remember to start, there'll be just too many things to blog about so I don't know where to start. Maybe a voice activated blogging system would be useful for person like me! Just think it out loud during my shower and i can publish it right after.

Maybe I'm just lazy and proscrastinate too much. Ah....that is my problem.....
Need more action, less talk. Isn't that what i tell my 2 boys most of the time? Alamak...I better start to talk the talk and walk the walk!

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