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Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm a lucky girl

It's not any special day but over the weekends, dear hubby made breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, how I love him for that :)

Cooking is not something I enjoy. I learn to make omelete and instant noodles when I was 9. My cousin taught me that in case no one was home to make lunch or dinner. She also taught me how to cook rice and my main duty was to pluck the roots off the beansprouts every weekend and I hated it! I cringed every time I see her buy beansprouts from the wet market.

When I was living with my granny, she was chief cook. The only time she ask me to help in the kitchen was to wash the dishes, clean the stove or pound the chillies, dried shrimps ( I hated pounding). She's a great cook by the way. I love her 'loh bak'(soya pork stew), 'mi hoon kueh' (flour dough soup) and 'mi suah teng'(rice noodle soup) and many, many more.

Later when I moved in with my Uncle's family, I realised how lucky I was to have granny in charged of the kitchen before. Uncle's wife was not very good when it comes to cooking. They are mostly very bland.

And then I met my dear hubby. We were 18 and I was invited to his mom's delicious home cooked food very often. It was in his parent's home that I learn how to prepare more ingredients and a little more cooking skills. My mom-in-law is not only an incredibly good cook but also a very patient teacher. Alas, I do not have the patient nor talent in that area but managed to learn the very basic stuff. I'm just lucky dear hubby inherited his mom's talent and has the passion to whip up great tasting dishes every now and then.

I cook because everyone at home has to eat. Dear hubby cooks because he is inspired. The boys and I are very lucky indeed :) We get to eat all types of cuisine gourmet meals right in our home.

Even breakfast can be special in our home, like having the 'Toad-in-the-Hole'. BTW, it didn't only looked good but also tasted so, so, so fabulously yummy!


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

How lucky you are!!! This is true bliss indeed. And I think his "Toad-in-the-whole" breakfast looks so unique and yummy!

Euphoria said...

Yes, you ARE VERY lucky, my friend.
I´m the one who cooks at home, sometimes I really enjoy it, but it´s hard when you have a little one year old crying, playing with your feet or trying to open the oven...

Daphne said...

WOAH that looks absolutely delectable. Very yummy looking!

MamaJ said...

MMMM... yumyum. :) You are like me... Hubby's a better cook, and he loves to whip up a meal if he has time! Gosh, looking at that "Toad in the Hole" makes me hungry!