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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As if...

Last weekend, hubby and I took the boys to Tampines mall for lunch and a little shopping. At the Guardian Pharmacy, Jonah spotted something colourful at the check-out counter.
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The boys ended up laughing so hard about the manufacturer's "silliness". Hubby and I had to try our very best to put on a straight face while the 2 of them spoke out loud. Surprisingly, the cashier didnt have any emotion on her face. I guess, it wasnt the first time kids do that in the store. What kind of things have your kids say out loud in public that they didnt realised it was awkward?

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Euphoria said...

My two year old little girl does a lot of different sounds and movements in almost every single store. I wish I could hide!!! Great story, by the way!