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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honesty, the best policy?

This happened earlier this year when the primary threes are choosing their CCAs for the year. Being unathlete Jonah avoided the sports. Uniformed group was too much commitment just in case he didnt enjoy it in the midst of it so he opted for clubs. The comic below tells the rest of the story....
                                                        *pls click on the pix for larger image

Poor baby was too afraid to tell the truth so I coaxed him into writing how will the Gradening Club benefits him instead. After attending almost a year of gardening, he has learn to pull out weeds, prepare a pot for planting chili seeds (yes, the chilli plant is still alive seating in our corridor :)), attempted many tasks like leaf pressing, make a dried seeds collections, poster, making a silly poem about plants, he was awarded a Young Botanist Badge organised by the Science Centre Singapore!

So I asked him if he would like to switched to another club next year and he said he's happy to stick to this one :)


Domesticgoddess said...

The comic strip is so funny. But I can empathize with him. LOL!

But hey, gardening is such an underrated activity. Kids learn so much. :>

Eileen W said...

Thanks Domesticgoddess :) Hey, I would love to make a comic strip for you. Read it in my latest post,

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

This is hilarious, Eileen - your boy is so honest yet enthusiastic to learn despite him uttering it is "no choice"! I think gardening is a wonderful club, and I wish my girl's primary school has one. Being close to nature is very grounding and enlightening for children, I find!