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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Devil wears sari

When I was in Primary 3, I had a Devil as a form teacher. She had beautiful dark complexion and always went to school in perfectly made-up face. She had big eyes with very thick and long curly eye lashes. Her lips was crimson and glossy. Her hair was long and black. Everyday, she would go to school in different brightly coloured sari. She looked especially stunning in green. If she was not so short and stumpy, she would have looked like a Goddess.

She was very, very, very strict and very, very, very fierce. She would not hesitate to hit anyone with her long wooden ruler.
If you talk too much, you would get a hard smack on your palm.
If you had forgotten to bring something, you would get a hard smack on your palm.
If you made too many mistake, your book would be thrown out of the classroom onto the corridor.
When my letter F was sitting lower than the rest of the other letters, I got a hard smack on my palm.

All of us were terrified of her except for a few A-star students who sucked up to her all the time. As no one was allowed to utter a word in class, she made those backside-kisser students her class monitors to make sure we observed the 'silence is golden' rule.
If you asked the person next to you whether you can borrow his or her colour pencil, aha! your name would be written down in their black book.
If you dropped your eraser and you wanted your neighbour to help you picked it up, aha! Your name would be written in their black book.
When Miss Devil was not in class, her little minions would looked around with their sharp eyes and write names in their books. When she returned, those little black books would be handed up to her and .....
if your names were written in there, you would get a hard smack on your palm.
Most times there would be a long queue to get smacked. I had been in those queues many times and I really disliked those minions.

One day pale boy made too many mistakes in his homework, he got a scolding and his book was thrown out of the door. Naturally, he started to cry. The more Miss Devil told him to stop crying the more he cried and that made Miss Devil very, very, very angry. She told him to stand in front of the class and hold 2 plastic cups, one under each eye to catch the tears flowing down. When the school bell rang, I felt a sense of relieved for him because Miss Devil would be going to teach the primary 6 students for the next hour. But my hope was short lived. She made pale boy follow her to the next class with the 2 cups still in his hands under his eyes. I felt sorry for him as I watched him sobbing out of class in humiliation.

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