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Friday, May 8, 2009

Sibling rivalry? Non-existance :)

My boys love to tease each other about how they pronounced certain words when they were preschoolers. Russell will chuckle and burst out laughing and exclaimed that he felt embarrassed whenever we reminded him of his "opytus". That's supposed to be octopus.

Jonah on the other hand will pounce onto his bed, cover his face with his pillow and grumbled that he didn't like it whenever we reminded him of his "munty". Which was supposed to be monkey.

Here is their favourite teasing line:
1) Hey mom, What sounds like a munty and looks like a munty? You give up??...It's ha-ha-ha...( sometimes, Jonah will pounce on him instead of the bed before I hear the answer.)

I will then take side and reminded the teaser about his own silliness.

2) Mom, what moves as slow as a sloth and looks like a squirrel? (there will be a loud "Oii..." from Russell, and the verbal war will start)

I will then move in to back the losing side.

It's all fun in the end as both boys will end up laughing and rolling in bed. I love them for their brotherly love for each other. Makes me smile with content to see them getting along so well together 90% of the time. The other 10%? = 5% teasing each other + 5% annoying each other by not following each other's instructions.

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