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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WuXia Pian (sword fighting film)

When I was 10, together with my cousins and uncle, we'd watch Hong Kong cantonese drama series on TV every night. My neighbour's boys would run over to join us when the show start as their parents prefer English drama. One of our favourite and could not miss was "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" (Heaven sword and dragon sabre). It was a Chinese period show where the heroes were great swordsman whose skills were unmatched.

After the show, I would imagine myself as the heroin and no one could defeat me. One of the heroes that carried a paper fan wherever he went was very skillful. With just a wave of his fan, he could kill his enemies in a flash. I had a fan too and in my mind, I could strike anyone down with it.

The next day, after I finished my homework, I strode around my neighbourhood with the fan in my hand and casting suspicious eyes at the 2 boys when they approached me. "Do not come any closer or I'll strike you with this special weapon.", I said. The fat one, who loved to snack on milo powder, told me it's just a fan and they definitely could beat me with a stick if we duel. I told him to get his weapon and we could see who was more powerful. And that was how the 'fight' was initiated. Fat boy glanced around and found a branch that had fallen off the durian tree. Slim boy cheered. Fat boy charged towards me, I waved my fan like the hero in the show.

Alas, the fan was no match for the branch. I was jolted out of my daydream when I felt great pain near my right eye. Slim boy shouted, "Ohhhh! ....Got blood!... Zhao(scram)!". And the 2 of them ran home. I felt very stupid after that. That's how I got the scar near my right eye.

Apparently, slim boy had reported the accident to his mom. That night after dinner, slim boy's mom asked for me and told the boys to apologies. Don't remember feeling too sad about it though. The matter was completely forgotten the next day while we searched for our next adventure.

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