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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Come back Caramel

On March 28, 2010, Saturday, I received an sms from a friend saying she found an abandon kitten outside her home. She heard I've been looking out to adopt one and asked if I wanted that one. (Actually Jonah wanted one). Subsequently, she send me some pixs and my family fell in love with it. We picked it up that night and brought it home. It looked so scared and hissed at us whenever we try to go near it. It would try to get into small spaces, like under the fish tank in the toilet, so we push in lots of stuff there. Then it went under the washing machine and even crawled into the space between the drum and casing! Damian stucked 2 swim boards underneath it. With no more small spaces to hide, it settled under the basket cover. See pix.

After 3 days of tender loving care from all of us, it warmed up to us, became more playful and started eating well. We didn't see any hanging testes so we named it Caramel. Caramel slowly became more confident and started exploring other areas of our apartment but would scoot back to the comfort of the toilet, where we placed her basket, whenever she heard any sudden noise or footsteps. I called the vet office and the receptionist told me that the kitten will only be given vaccination at age 2 months and above. Not sure how old she was, we decided to only take her there after 2 months to be sure. Russell and Jonah borrowed a book about cats from the library a week later and we discovered that Caramel is actually a Tom! LOL...We decided to stick to that name because he is the colur of caramel. One of my friend suggested we spell it as 'CaraMALE', people would just think we can't spell, that's all :) She's funny!

Now after staying with us for almost a month, he is a confident kitten, asks for food when he's hungry, nestles besides us to nap and pounces on our feet, hands and even faces to wrestle. He likes to pounce on my feet whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen. It can be rather painful when he play bite and that can be really annoying. This afternoon, I tied his jelly fish soft toy to a string and attached the other end of the string to my belt loop. This way, whenever i move, the jelly fish will sway and jiggle and Caramel couldn't resist attacking it. My feet are spared :)

How we love this little adorable kitten. A very sad thing happened tonight. Caramel must have ran out of our apartment when I left the door opened to hang out the laundry. Russell and I looked everywhere, we even walked down every floor to search for him but there was no sign of him at all. We are very sad especially  Jonah.....he cried uncontrollably. Poor baby. We are hopeful that he will show up tomorrow morning when he is usually the most hungry.....

Caramel.....where could you be?

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