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Monday, April 19, 2010

My career path - Part 2

Ben is a fashion designer from KL. We called him Ah Ben. He is very likable, fashionable and very vain. My mom's friend hired him to design clothes for her boutique. Since he was also new in town, my mom said I should go out with him and that's how we started hanging out together. People like to be around him cos he's fun to be with.

From him I got to know more people and was recommended to work for another ad agency. CCAS was a medium sized ad company with its headquarter in KL. And with the support from KL, they have accessed to modern printing equipment and new ideas. Having placed a strong presence in KK, they were ready to hire a graphic designer to support the sales manager there and I got the job. I learned a lot working there. People I worked with were around my age, and I found good friendships with a model, Mariel and a young high achieving couple, William & Chiuee. Life became more bearable but I was still missing Damian very much.

After 2 and half years, Damian had finished his national service and found a job in the finance industry. We decided we should live together in Singapore and so I bid farewell to my friends and family. I was delighted to be back here and closed to my darling! I spent the next 3 months looking for a job in Singapore and it was tough. I couldn't find a job in the creative industry at all. In my final month of visa, Damian's mom encouraged me to go for an interview as a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines. I was getting desperate and there was an interview that weekend. I had to go through 3 interviews altogether and on the 2nd last day of my allowed stay in Singapore, they called me to go for the medical check-up. Yea....that meant I got the job!!

So that was why I landed in a job I never thought I would be doing. I learned a lot in those 5 years. After that, I ended up in the best but toughest job in the world. A stay-at-home-mom :) Yea....I was really lucky.

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