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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Found him!

Yes, Jonah found Caramale pocking his head out of a hole in the corridor closet one floor below us! He was also mewing when the boys approached the lift lobby on their way to school. That's how Jonah noticed him and came back to let me know. I ran down with Jonah and picked Caramale up from the dirty hole leading to the drain. I gave him a wash in a basin of warm soapy water, patted him down with a towel and blew dry him with my hair dryer, set on cool air. He made a little fuss when I wash him, other then that he behaved quite well :) We are very happy to have him back again.

We are now trying to train him to use the potty. I'm getting tired of cleaning up the sand that got swept up whenever he uses his litter box. Sand everywhere! Let's hope the training works.


MamaJ said...

Hello! Found your blog while browsing... :) Its amazing how you managed to juggle motherhood plus running that online business of yours! And Caramale is really cute... I'm glad you found him!

Eileen said...

Hi MamaJ,
Thank you for stopping by :) I've been to your blog too and I enjoy the photos very much. You take great pixs! Talk about juggling, you are doing a fantastic job with the baby and 'school'....keep it up!

Sarah said...

I am glad you found Caramale too! What a sweet cat, and what a lucky one to have found such a loving home!