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Monday, April 19, 2010

My career path - Part 1

A good friend sent me an email to share her son's newspaper article. He has talents and is good with words. He's only 16 and has already written a book which was published like a year ago. Now he writes a weekly newspaper article for Daily Express under the title 'On the path of life'. He is fortunate to have a mother who is always there to guide him.

At 16, I didn't know what I wanted to do. Studying didn't come very easily to me so my childhood dream of being a lawyer was definitely dashed. I was pretty good at art but I didn't know what kind of career I could pursue with that talent and I didn't know there were art school I can enroll in. Yea...pretty dumb then.

I wanted to be a famous model but of course I don't have the height. No matter, I signed up for a basic modelling course during my 3 months break after the 'o' level exams, and was given a part time job teaching kids modelling. It was fun taking the kids to their weekly catwalk shows. I enjoyed it but the income for my teaching and chaperoning wasn't that great so I know I had to continue with my studies. I didn't consult my parents cos, they were divorced and were busy with their new family in another country! brother and I got our basic needs of food, clothing and live with my grandmother in her employer's home.

So....what did I do then? I heard studying management was a good choice so I did just that and failed my 'A' levels 2 years later. By then I heard about graphic arts and did a diploma course in an OK school cos it's the cheapest I can afford. I was giving tuition to students in primary level at the same time then. I was rather patient with the kids. Instead of shouting at them, I just smiled. Once, I felt my blood boiling and instead of blowing my top, I couldn't stop chuckling. was a pretty funny and odd scene for my student.

After my graduation, I found a job very quickly, as an FA artist in a rather famous advertising agency. However, my academic qualification did not help me get a work permit so I had to return to Kota Kinabalu to live with my mom. I felt lost in KK. The only friend I had there had left to work in Kuala Lumpur. I was bored, sad and missed my husband (boyfriend then) very much. I didn't talk much and hid in my room most of the time. My mom has a friend who introduced me to work as an FA artist in a small ad company. There were only 4 of us in the office. My boss who was also the sales guy, his secretary and my art director were nice people but were also very much older then me. Yea.....I was still bored, sad and missed my husband very much.

Then came a day, when my mom rented out a room to a fashion designer from KL. It brought a little colour to my life but yea......I was still a little sad and missed my husband very much. be continued.....

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