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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coach is the new shade

Russell loves computer games, playstation games, reading and playiung with lego when he was only 5 years old and still does. He prefered not to participate in physical activities and I felt it was not very healthy. I spoke to him about why we must do different kind of activities to be healthier in our bodies and minds. And he agreed to pick one physical activity to do at least once a week. I gave him a list of things he can do at the nearby community centre and he chose mini soccer. Honestly, when he told me he wanted to try soccer, I was surprised because neither hubby and I are soccer fans. But I went along and signed him up. We got him the shoes, socks and shin guards.

It rained heavily on the first lesson so the coach directed the students and parents to the indoor basketball court in the community centre. There, they got to know each other and did some kicking around the cones exercises. From 2nd lesson onwards, it was conducted at a nearby school field. We were lucky to have sunny morning every Sunday. First half of the lessons were usually on tackling and learning new kicking, footing techniques. The school building provided shade from the sun onto the field. 2nd half of the lessons was match time which most of the kids loved. The preschooler group was smaller and looked so tiny and cute running after the ball in the big field. By this time, the sun would have risen higher and the shadow from the school building did not reach the field any more. Every weekend was the same, but the first time it happened I thought he had disappeared.
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It was quite amusing when I spotted him squatting behind his coach. His coach was looking high and low for him while he did the duck walk following the coach's shadow. When I asked him why he did that, he said the sun was too hot for him! That went on every Sunday until the basic course ended and I took him off soccer. Next, I signed him up for basic swimming lessons and hoped the sun was less hot for him. He did better but it was amusing watching him do the swim test. It puts a smile on my face just remembering it :)


Euphoria said...

I think your son is very smart, and I think you are doing a great job trying to help him choose an activity.
We love sports at home, we jog, I play tennis since I was 5 and we LOVE soccer. Everytime Argentina makes a goal, little Larinka dances, her father shouts like crazy and we all celebrate!
I think sports are great for our boddies and also great of our minds. It´s like doing a cheaper therapy for me, just like painting!

Euphoria said...
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Alice Law said...

You are sure growing up with your kid!^-^

Hi, greeting from Mum in the Making! Regarding your question, "When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?"

Nope! I would imagine I'm a mermaid swimming under the sea, lol! Have a beautiful day ahead!

MamaJ said...

Teeeheeee... so cute, the way you described how he duck-walked to keep in his coach's shadow! Made me laugh!