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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wrong button?

I'm not a racist. I have friends who are Chinese, Malay, Indian, Caucasian and other inter racial mixed race. But whenever I had any Indian sector flight on my flight roster that month, I would always shudder at the thought of it! And I was not alone. Every other flight attendants I knew felt the same way. Most would report sick on that day and someone on standby would get called up. I had never reported sick on these flights, however, was called up many times for such flights. It's almost always full on these flight. I don't know why but passengers on these flights in the economy class were very demanding. They wanted everything that we had on board and many are drinkers.

Usually, there will be drink cart service after take-off. The first time I did Singapore-Madras(now known as Chennai) flight, I was warned to be vigilant and keep my eyes out for quick hands. True enough, once I was in the cabin, every passenger would speak to me at once asking for this drink and that. And when I turned back to my cart after serrving one passenger, one of my bottle of wine or whisky would have disappeared.

After that, dinner would be served and the passengers would again asked for more alcohol. And after dinner service, they would continue to ask for more drinks. Be it for coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, playing cards, pens, post cards and plastic bags, no crew would be spared in the economy class. We practically walked all the way to Madras! It was exhausting running in and out of the galley and cabin attending to passengers' requests. It was tough to keep smiling whenever we were in the cabin throughout the 4 hour flight. But there was one incident that happened on my flight which made me smile voluntarily whenever I thought about it.
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Once we reached Madras, we would transit at the airport for an hour before returning home with another full load of passengers. As this was a late night flight, most passengers would doze off after supper. But there would always be someone asking for things and drinks non-stop! There was one drunk passenger on the return flight who wanted to have a fight with me! I will tell you more another time.....


Euphoria said...

Funny story!!!
Every flight must be a surprise, that happens when you work with people. I was a teacher and every day I had different stories to share at home.

Eileen W said...

Tell me a funny one that I can make a comic strip for you :)