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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I feel uninspired to blog recently. My laptop died on me and all the datas I've created  collected over time are gone. Before that, our family PC was busted too so I was internet free for a week. Finally, sweet hubby bought us a PC over the weekend but the break sort of stumped me. I've also lost interest in updating and redecorating my restaurant in Restaurant City in FB which I loved previously. Playing scrabble online doesn't seem that fun any more. Fortunately, there are many blogs to read. Recently, while admiring paintings in Kira's blog, I stumbled upon a link. You may have noticed my awesome new background which I got for free at Shabby's Blog :) There are so many beautiful ones to choose from. Go on, choose one and let me know when you get a brand new look. I want to see it too!


MamaJ said...

Oh dear! That really sucks, losing all that data... And I think your new background is pretty! Thanks for sharing the link. Hopefully, the blogging bug hits you cos I've enjoyed all your comic strips and stories!

Eileen W said...

Thanks for your encouragement Jus :)