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Monday, June 7, 2010

Tomayto, tomaato

Yea, you know the song that goes, "you say eether, I say aither, you say neether, I say naither"... My name is Eileen. Just reading the word, some would pronounce it as Ee-leen, some would say Ai-leen. I respond to both but will let the other party know it's actually Ai-leen. My son Russell has been called Roo-sell before. But the funniest one I've hear so far was when I did a flight with the Leading Stewardess who pronounced the Chief Steward's name over the PA system.....
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I'm not perfect either and had my fair share of wrong pronounciations too. But hearing others saying it out loud in the cabin was quite funny actually. Once there was this young stewardess who went to every passengers in Business class asking, "Would you like some pa-ra-lines?". She was offering pralines on a tray after lunch service. By the time I heard her, it was kind of too late. She has already asked 3 quarters of the passengers before I corrected her in private. I've also heard the story of a stewardess asking passengers if they like a choice of bread roll or "baa-jel". No wonder they ran out of bread roll with plenty of bagels left over after breakfast service.

How about you? Heard of any hilarious ones?


Euphoria said...

As I wrote before, I think you should write a book with all these funny stories.
I have a lot of hilarious stories, because my brothers and I have russian names and lastnames and we live in Argentina. There are certain russian letters that we can´t translate, for example the SH, as in Misha(one of my brothers). My name, Kira, sounds easy to me, but they call me Chiara (italian name), Karen, Kari, uuuffff, so I always say: It´s like SHAKIRA, the singer, but without the SHA, Ok????
Take care and have a wonderful week!

Daphne (motherinc) said...

You know, Ra-Jai-Na sounds suspiciously like a part of the female anatomy down south..

Well i do have a colleague that loves to flaunt her longines (LONG-JEAN-ASS) watch. Does that count?

Eileen W said...

Euphoria, you are right, Kira does sound easy to me too! I also heard a story about a lady who named her new baby girl Chloe, but pronounced it as "Chor-lou". And chor-lou means ungraceful in Hokkien, which is a very common Chinese dialect in Singapore.

Daphne, yes, it certainly sounded like a part of the female anatomy down south!LOL...which was why poor Regina was too embarassed to step into the cabin after that.
(long-jean-ass) is pretty funny, it definitely counts :D

MamaJ said...

Hahaha... this post was so funny!!! Erm, I can't think of any, except perhaps some people calling the composer Chopin "chopping"... That counted? :p

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

This is hilarious - I especially love these stories of yours...all these in-cabin stories. I travel a lot for my work, and it is so amazing to see all the stewardesses/stewards being so presentable and refreshing to see another side of them from your stories!

Eileen W said...

MamaJ and The Beauties In Our Lives, I'm glad the comics made you laugh :) Come back again for mor, Cheers!