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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Caramale picked a winner

My apologies for this late post. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday and it slipped my mind about the hairband giveaway. I feel much better now after a good rest :)

Anyway, I wrote the names in scrap papers and scatter them on the floor. At first, Caramale just watched them with curiousity from on top of a chair. I was starting to wonder if he would help me pick a winner....After awhile he jumped down, sniffed the papers and started playing with one of them. It's fun to watch him play, he's just so adorable....

Back to the's.....MamaJ! MamaJ takes beautiful pixs especially of her little one.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


Euphoria said...

Congratulations MAMA J!
Caramel sounds very funny.
There´s something in my blog for you.

Elena said...

Hello Eileen:
Thank for your visit to my blogs.
Have a nice day.

MamaJ said...

Yippeeee! Thanks Eileen! :) I must go kiss your cat too! :) (That's a cool way of selecting a winner I think!) Glad to know you're much better, is your boy better too? Take care and drink lots of water... the weather has been crazy!