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Monday, May 3, 2010

Jonah's pets

Jonah maybe shy around new people but he becomes funny once you get to know him better. He's like my husband, full of original wise cracks and jokes. Today, he gave me an idea for a comic strip. I thought it was rather cute :)

Anyway, the idea came from his pets. Many years back, my husband let him keep a tiny little feeding fish as a pet. It turns out to be a snake head. It was half the length of my finger then but now it's my arm's length! We feed it with frogs and frozen fish. It's rather intelligent too. It'll swim towards us whenever we are close. Oh, and scary too cos' it has really sharp teeth and bit my husband's finger twice before. It jumped out of it's tank again recently and poor me had to put him back. I armed myself with kitchen mitts and used a wooden stool to prevent it from flopping about. Russell had a good time laughing at me and filming how I cried while doing it! Cruel...boy!

Caramale is a curious cat. He watches the fish and that made the snakehead mad or hungry...It bashed the tank a few times towards Caramale's directions and I had to take the stupid cat away before the tank burst or the fish jumps out for it. Caramale doesn't watch the fish anymore but I see the fish swimming towards the directions of the cat whenever he is close by. And it watches Caramale instead. Yikes!

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MamaJ said...

Hahaha... that's such a cute strip! And wow... snakeheads are fierce! I'll be careful if I was the cat!

Eileen said...

Thanks MamaJ :)