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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look at the price!

I've been calling vets around my neighbourhood to enquire about their service and charges. I was in Tampines recently and walked into one to find out more. The clinic was full and all visits are by appoinment only. I looked at the price list on the wall and was a little shocked at the pricey fees, then I realised the right of the list was the vet's certificates and he's from Germany. Okay....abit too upperty for my pocket.

After several other calls, I realised that most clinics have similar fees and charges. Just as I was resigned to the high fees and wanted to make an appoinment to bring Caramale to be neutred, one of my friend told me to call a vet in Geylang. The charges are half of the other clinics and it is also run by proffessionals!

It's a quaint little pet clinic with minimal renovation done, so the savings are passed down to customers :) The receptionist and doctors are proffessional and friendly. Well, it turned out Caramale is only about 4 months old and is too young to have the procedure so we had him vaccinated.  He was also given a deworming pill and told to return when he is about 6 months old. Total charges, only $21! They didn't even charge me for consultation fee. How wonderful is that!

Do call them if you are looking for a vet. Clinic for Pets: 67451337


Euphoria said...

Great discovery, my friend!
Uhhh, I remembered, I have to buy food for our cat Dalai today, I must leave now, bye!

Eileen W said...

I love the name Dalai :) We should have renamed our cat to Speedy Gonzales for the speed and dashes he does every morning. He's so fast like the cartoon character in Looney Tunes!

MamaJ said...

Hey thanks for sharing! Vet fees are like super ex in Singapore! We might check it out since we do need to bring our doggy for his annual jabs in a few months time...