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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love this pan

think vegetable is one of the hardest thing to stir fry. It was a skill hard for me to master to get them soft to eat and still green when cooked. Not anymore :). About 15 years ago, my mom bought me a set of Queen cookware as a house warming gift. She didn't tell me that they were special and I used them like ordinary pots and honestly, I was quite hopeless when it comes to cooking. Until about 4 years ago when I attended a cooking demo in my neighbour's home, I couldn't believe I actually own a set of wonderful pots that do miracle cooking! Let me do a demo here....

1) Wash, drain and cut onions, carrots and brocolli.

2) Put pan on medium fire, put in some cooking oil and cut onions, then cover it.
     *Note: you do not need to wait till pan is hot before putting oil and onions.

3) When you can smell the onions flavour, uncover the pan. Stir the onions and see if they are soft. If not, cover pan again. If onions are soft, throw in brocolli and carrots. Cover pan.

4) When you can see bubbling at the edge of the cover, spin the cover. If it spins around easily, uncover pan. See video.

5) Stir the vegetables then put in a table spoonful of chicken stock and few dashes of pepper.

6) Cover the pan again and turn flame to low. *Note: you don't need to stir the vegetables after adding the seasonings.

7) When bubbling appears and cover can be spinned, turn off fire. Mix the vegetables with sauce already in pan and serve.

And VOILA! perfectly cooked stir fry vegetables. Soft to eat and still retains its colour. The pan uses the vegetables natural moisture to cook so no water is needed. Plus while I wait for the bubbling, I'm able to finish washing up the preparations before cooking is done. Besides cooking vegetables, I use the pan to make cakes, tart, roast and grill. How wonderful is that!


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Hi! Wow - that's amazing, what pots are those? The colours of the vegetables are so vivid! And I love how you took those photos!

Eileen said...

Hi The Beauties In Our Lives, Thank you :) Mine are Queen cookware from Amway. Amway has since improve its technology and design and is now called iCook. Cheers!