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Monday, May 10, 2010

I made a cat collar

Caramale is growing well and my husband suggests we neuter him soon before he starts some undesirable behavior. I will make the appoinment after 2 weeks when the boys' exams are over. Friends told me that cats can be very loving and I agree. He follows me whenever I move about in my home except when he wants to nap. When I'm at my laptop, he'll cuddle up on my lap or sit on my shoulder and watch me type away, cute right? Sometimes, he'll come up and lick my cheek and nibble on my ear, LOL.....I know some people find that terrifying!

This is Caramale sitting on my shoulder when I'm online.

He likes it when we watch him eat and would stop and gesture us to pat him before continuing with his feeding. Anyway, Jonah wanted to get him a collar with a bell so we can hear him when he moves around. We went to the pet store but all the collars the shop has are too big for him, even those for cats. So I decided to make one instead. I use a shoelace which I have lost the other half. Sew a bell and velcro to fasten it around Caramale's neck. He didn't seemed to notice the collar at all and wore it without any fuss! I think he likes it.

Took this pix when he was alseep.

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Euphoria said...

We have a cat and he is adorable, just like your Caramel. Little Lara kisses him, he likes to be around us all the time, he is really sociable and sweet. I used to hate cats, and now I´m addicted to them!